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Children’s Tae Kwon Do


Child Beginners (White – Green Belts)

A blend of discipline and fun, this 45-minute class is perfect for ages 6-12. Introduces the art of Tae Kwon Do with a focus on life skills and personal development as well as self-defense and safety training.
Classes are small; most offer a ratio of about 5 or 6 students to each instructor! Students perform warmup exercises in a group format and then work individually or in small groups on perfecting the techniques and routines needed for each belt rank level. An instructor will then review every student’s progress, and give additional instruction and encouragement where it is needed. Our staff works hard to make sure that the learning process is fun! Students then participate in the basic blocking and striking drills which provide a perfect outlet for an energetic child as well as great exercise for all. After the “basics”, students will often sit down for a discussion with an instructor about topics such as dealing with bullies, personal safety, stranger danger, doing their best, showing respect, or the value of self-control. At the end of class, their hard work is rewarded with a game or activity which involves their martial arts skills.


Shy children develop confidence and physical skills, energetic children acquire self control and an appropriate outlet for their energy, and all children have a great time with this program! Through the belt ranking system children learn to set goals and work toward them, as well as the value of patience and perseverance. Our instructors and Leadership team strive to be positive role models for the children.

Child Intermediate (Purple – Red Belts)

Classes begin with warmup exercises and light strength and conditioning drills. Students then work individually or in small groups on the routines and techniques required for each belt rank level, assisted by the instructors. The students will then practice either the basic blocks, footwork and strikes, or some more specialized training such as sparring, grappling, or self-defense tactics. Emphasis is on safety first, in everything from learning how to fall safely to how to strike without impact (for sparring), to how to hold a striking pad safely. Students at this level are taught the basic guidelines for ethical use of force as well as non-violent conflict resolution through role-playing exercises and discussion. The overall emphasis is on high performance in a supportive and fun environment.


The benefits of this program are as varied as the individual children who enroll in it. Shy children acquire confidence, energetic children acquire patience, easily distracted children acquire focus, non-athletic children acquire strength and agility, and strong children acquire respect and self-control. All children can benefit from enthusiastic participation in a healthy activity, and develop the self-esteem and strength of character to help them resist unhealthy peer pressure.

Child Advanced (High Red – Black Belts)

A non-violent program that promotes confidence, self-esteem, physical fitness, and positive values in young people. Available to school and civic groups, schedules to be determined.

This program was developed to bring the benefits of the martial arts to students in alternative educational programs. The program teaches no violent or potentially dangerous techniques. Students practice the traditional fitness regimen of the martial arts and perform specially modified formal routines. They learn purely defensive counters to common attacks, and get an introduction to martial arts history and philosophy.


Most students will achieve significant gains in the areas of self-esteem, self-control, and physical fitness, many even in the first month or two of training. The program provides positive role models and a powerful, motivating series of goals in the belt-ranking system. In the long run, the program teaches a work ethic,encourages a healthy lifestyle, and leads to a greater empowerment of the self.